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Black Limousines is a family run Limousine Service that aims to excel in the Hire Car industry of Sydney. As Australia's largest city, Sydney is deserving of a public AND private transport system that rivals that of other major cities of the world, like London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Rome and Berlin. Black Limousines offers the highest standard of Hire car available in Australia and is geared towards being an envoirmentily friendly transport option. The cars in our fleet are all Lexus Super Low Emission vehicles, with the world class luxury of Lexus.


Our flagship car is the Lexus LS600hL Super Luxury Hybrid Sedan, which even though it has a 5.0 litre V8 motor producing 375kW, uses only 9.9L per 100km's City driving. Our Lexus RX450h are a class leading Super Luxury SUV with a V6 Hybrid motor system, which runs 6.5L per 100km's. Although our company is only 4 months old (as of Jan 2011) we have seen the potential in the Hire Car industry to move forward and grow. As of today, we have a total of 5 vehicles available for hire, and link's to almost 300 other Hire cars in the industry for any additional work. Our motto is "We never say no to a client". This means we WILL fulfil your transport needs, and you will not end up in a Taxi, or Train/Bus. The majority of work in the Hire car industry is airport transfers, corporate client transportation, weddings, and major event's e.g. Concert's, sporting events. Where we see an expansion is in that of your needs when going out and about in this wonderful city.


Example: Night out with your partner - You could drive yourself, search for parking, pay premium pricing for parking, walk to actual destination, eat dinner but not drink too much, and then move on to the movies or nightclub, again watching your drinking, walking back to your car and driving home. Instead, let us take care of your night. We will pick you up from your door at a time determined by you, drop you to the doorstep of your destination, transfer you around within your night out, and finally take you home, again to your doorstep.


No need to concern yourself with RBT, and we provide a cautious service with our chauffeur's opening and closing your doors, and even escorting you to the venue entrance, if required. You may think "why not use a Taxi, it's cheaper". Yes this is true, it is cheaper, but how many times has a taxi been late to pick you up? How many times has a Taxi got lost? How many times have you exited a club and either there are no Taxi's, or they are not interested in taking you to your destination. We will take you, no matter what. Yes, our pricing is more than a Taxi, and on some event's i.e. NYE, can be very expensive, but the service is worth it.

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